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5 things to know about freelancer jobs

Freelancer jobs

So is said to be the next biggest thing when it comes to outsourcing jobs as an employer and getting outsourced jobs as a work from home individual. What does that mean for you? Well chances are if you are reading this blog you need a job or something else to do to generate you some money, well I’ve got 5 important things you need to know about before you scurry off to sign up and find work right away. I’ll list these 5 things below but pay attention. This is gonna be really good. :)

1.  Make sure you complete your profile after signing up at

Now the reason this step is very important is because apparently Freelancer jobs are more likely to be awarded to persons with complete profiles. Remember that employers on won’t know you and probably will never meet you in person so they rely heavily on what your profile says. Now if you go on looking to score a job with an incomplete profile like no profile picture or missing past experience, there is no way on earth me as an employer is going to employ you so be mindful of that OK. Finish the dam profile… :)

2.  Getting freelancer jobs isn’t going to come just off the bat after signing up.

Now the reason for this is because has a system in place to ensure the competency of all freelancers; therefore you will be required to take a few exams to provide you are qualified for a specific type of job. Example when you’ve completed step one you will need to take a basic English and Math exam just to prove that your brain is intact (Trying to keep out the crazy people lol). Yea so you got that to look forward to. To step up your chances of being employed really though is a delightful way Freelancer uses to make money and that is to buy exams!!…  That’s right, if you want certain jobs you have to take certain exams to match that job (If the job requires a certain skill). What freelancer does is it offers exams that you can take to match the job you want. Once you take this exam, a seal or label will be added to your profile to show you are proficient in whatever skill it is you took the exam for. An example of some of these exams would be. WordPress, Facebook, Basic Numeracy.. just to make a few. Here also a pic of what I’m talking about.

Freelancer jobs

3.  When bidding for jobs on the get go, be sure to also big on low priced projects.

Now remember you are new to so employers there need to see some work history or at least some experience so if you get on their and you bid on expensive projects just remember that a lot of factors go into who wins the bid for that job. Now I really suggest starting small. Knock out a few easy low paying jobs as those are easier to do and use that to build up your job history. Now if you are someone that doesn’t want to start there and you want to start big then no problem.. Just know that you will have to spend some money on buying the exams that match your areas of expertise. Good luck with that :)

4.  When you bid on a job be patient.

Most jobs aka “Projects” as they are called are most times posted for a duration of 6 days then at the end of that 6 days the employer choose from all bids who will be awarded the job. This happened to me while I tested out their site were I applied for a job…. wait scratch that.. I bid for a job… and the wait time was getting the best of. It’s like I just did a interview and I’m waiting outside the office to hear if I got through or not and the interviewer just wont come out the office…lol know what I mean? So be prepared to wait until the project posting expires then you’ll know if you got the job. Expiration time could be 6 days give or take.

5.  You can make money with other than working on projects.

How? With their affiliate program dufus!….lol ok I didn’t have to call you that but it makes this article more fun.. Anyway I’m gonna just give you the link to their affiliate page so you can check it out for yourself.


Hope this post helps.

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